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Peter Samuelson, founded EDAR in 2007 and serves as the President of the Board of Directors in a volunteer capacity. He initially thought up the idea of EDAR after counting homeless people on his weekend bicycle route from his home in West Los Angeles to the beach.

On one trip, he counted 62 homeless people living on the streets, including many women and several children. Peter interviewed those individuals and based on their input, conceptualized a mobile single-person sleeping device. He envisioned a unit that would facilitate recycling and storage by day and at night converts into a safe, elevated, tent-like enclosure where one could sleep.

Peter then sponsored a design competition at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design. As a result, Peter met designers Eric Lindeman and Jason Zasa who have been working pro bono ever since. Peter then approached a shopping cart manufacturer to design and fabricate a prototype. John Ondrasic, Mike Orozco and their team at Major Cart Services generously donated their work to create nine prototypes and continue to donate their labor for the project.

EDAR launched a successful sixty unit beta test in the Greater Los Angeles area in the summer of 2008. We currently have units serving homeless individuals throughout Southern California and in the communities of Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO and Camden, NJ. We continue to expand throughout these cities as well as other regions of the nation.